About Us

Multi-Doc was founded in February 2017 and wanted to be specialized in archiving documents. Since then, we have worked very hard not only to refine the archiving technique, but to offer 3 complete lines of services (MPS, MDS and Data Transfer) allowing your business to have more budget and more space.

No matter what volume you want to print, no matter what volume to scan, we have the solution !!

Hello, I am William, the founder of Multi-Doc.  I am a IT specialist in network administration with over two decades of customer service and printing experience.  MY goal is not to make high profits like other major companies and take all your money away. 

MY goals are to become your friendly neighborhood digital printer on the block with a storefront where you can sit, relax and enjoy a coffee while you wait for your copy order to be done.  Selling to the lowest price possible and also helping other businesses to digitize/manage their file drawers, so they can have more space and more budget.  

Isn't this scene from British-Columbia breathtaking?  Let's keep it this way !!

At Multi-Doc, we print and WE CARE !!

Not a single sheet of paper goes to the trash can, in fact we have a strict policy for paper with information of any kind printed on it and needs to be disposed of, is automatically shredded then recycled.

We also collect Lexmark empty toner cartridges to send them back for recycling.

On my behalf and of our growing team

Thanks you for trusting us with your documents needs