Document Management Services (DMS)

Document Management Services (DMS)

Document Management Made Easy

FACT: The majority of document management solutions in the market today are very expensive, difficult to implement, and rarely achieve the level of end-user engagement envisioned by management.

3 Components of a Simple Document Management / Digital Archiving Solution:

Scanning and Imaging:
Documents are scanned into Searchable PDF format (Optical Character Recognition indexes all text, keyword and number references contained in the document).


Very simply and easily route documents into existing folders on a local network or create new folders directly from the scanning device / MFP.


Imagine being able to “google” any document in your organization based on a keyword or number reference. With OCR recognition software, you are able to search for your scanned documents by any name or number reference.

Quick Summary:

A simple document management and archival solution will allow you to scan & store your paper documents into digital form and easily retrieve them for greater organization, safety and security as well as ease of use and access to your documents at the click of a button.

The Numbers are Compelling:

  • The average document is copied either physically or electronically an average of 10 times, at a total cost of $22.
  • Retrieving a misfiled document can cost an organization about $150.
  • 25% of enterprise documents are misplaced and will never be located

Document mis-management can claim up to:

  • 40% – 60% of Office Workers Time
  • 20% – 45% of Labour Costs
  • 12% – 15% of Corporate Revenue

Reclaim Your Office Space

Tired of file rooms, boxes and cabinets monopolizing your office space?

There’s really only one type of business that generates revenue from documents sitting around on shelves or in file boxes: document storage companies. Office space is at a premium and areas dedicated to the storage of paper files are areas you can’t place productive employees. Document scanning eliminates the need to store your paper documents in prime office space and allows you to focus on your core business.

Mitigate Risk

How confident are you in your ability to recover from information loss?

Organizations place such high value on their paper files because of one simple fact; it’s their only copy of that record, and they’d be lost without it. You cannot control when floods, fires or even something as simple as a spilled cup of coffee happens. Document scanning provides organizations with a back-up to their paper files to help protect them in the event of a disaster or even a clumsy employee. The preservation of your critical business data should be one of the cornerstones of your disaster recovery program.

Corporate Security

How are you protecting personal and private information?

Privacy concerns are front and centre with almost every organizations these days. Yet very few organizations have a comprehensive program in place to secure their paper files. You may safeguard them from outside access but what about accidental or malicious misuse from internal staff? Document scanning allows you to quickly apply rule-based security to your electronic images, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to your business critical documents.

Improve Collaboration

Are your employees able to work together in real time?

Complex projects require a team based approach to ensure success. The problem though is that paper documents are not easy to share among groups of people in a collaborative environment. A single physical record requires photocopying to be shared among teams (read: time, money and a waste of resources). Document scanning allows all team members to instantly access the digital image and collaborate in real time.

Mobile Freedom

Do paper records have your team handcuffed to their desks?

More and more offices are allowing staff to work from home or employ a mobile workforce. The trouble with out of office employees is that they still need access to the paper files back at the office. Document scanning allows your staff to quickly and securely access files from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Information Is Power

Can you access the power of your documents?

Your paper files aren’t important, but the information on them sure is! Being able to access that information quickly, easily and in a way that is conducive to your way of working is critical. The smarter you are with your information the more successful you’ll be.

We also offer ...

On-Site Scanning Services 

Our full service option takes all the frustration, hassle, and risk out of converting your document library over to digital files but with a price that rivals most off-site scanning options. Our team of experts comes to your location, bringing our state-of-the-art scanners and decades of combined experience to quickly and efficiently scan, organize, and index every document and media file in your library without taking anything out of your location. Read more about this process on our On-Site Process Page.   

Off-Site Scanning 

Documents are sent to our secure facility to be prepped, scanned, organized, and indexed before both the digital files and the original documents are returned to your location. Every file will be handled professionally and the quality of the digital files guaranteed. Pickup and delivery fees may apply.   

and ...

Managed Document Conversion Services

Do you have ongoing document management needs? Maybe your staff is drowning in paperwork? Our Monthly Document Conversion Service will free you from the time-consuming burden of receiving and processing incoming documents. Simply have your incoming documents redirected to your own personal Mail-Stop Code. All documents received by us are logged in, prepped, scanned, and then uploaded. You’ll be notified instantly of any and all new documents uploaded to the system, where they are immediately accessible to you and your staff via your secure logins. Then, the original paper copies can be shipped directly to your location on a schedule of your choosing. We will ensure that your document management procedures are followed precisely, that no documents get lost in the shuffle, and that all compliance regulations are met all for a modest monthly fee.

Secure Document Hosting 

Bottom line, it's real-time access, secure, anywhere, anytime. Allows you to access any file, anytime, anywhere through a highly encrypted, military grade portal. Enjoy a maintenance free, secure, and completely scalable document repository with our service. Your documents and media files will be easily accessible and safely housed on secure servers at our hardened off-site data center. We’ll handle all the needed backups and upgrades while you enjoy our easy-to-use, web-based interface with powerful search capabilities. You’ll still be able to organize, store, and retrieve all your documents with just a few clicks via your secure login.

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